We are always looking for new professionals to represent our brand and lifestyle. Six Speed Dials brand ambassadors get special early access to new releases, drastic discounts on any additionally purchased items. and complimentary care package with products.

We require that you simply provide us with high-quality photography, generally promote us in an unobtrusive way (tagged posts, shares, recommend us to your readers), and be an honest and hard working creative professional.

Think you have what it takes?


Ambassador Benefits

Get free products, product-inclusive content featured in the world's finest publications,
get your content regularly posted across all of our social media platforms,
one huge blog feature seen by thousands, and more.

Free + Exclusive Products

Receive the latest products and prototypes, at no cost, before they are released to the public.

When we launch products, we need media day 1, Ambassadors receive new products before they hit the shop.

Huge Exposure

We need to post at least eight times a day on social media, and regularly pay for sponsored posts. We go to our Ambassador list for these posts, only 15% of which are product-inclusive.

Join us now and be at the top of the list, long term.

Dream Come True Features

Your work, featured in advertisements for publications like DuPont Registry, Car + Driver, CarBuzz, and MotorTrend.

Not to mention hundreds of Facebook, Instagram, and other, advertisements (always given credit).

Highlighting YOU

Every month we feature one Ambassador with a interview-style blog post, highlighting your best work.

This post is promoted on social platforms for weeks, seen by tens of thousands of people, at no cost to you.


Requirements + Guidelines

The easiest job you'll ever have.

Live Automotively

Be in the automotive industry. Photographer, videographer, active media creating hobbyist, media marketing or service at an automotive business, car modifier, blog or vlogger, etc.

Be an active automotive enthusiast. You regularly create media about cars, of cars, for cars, by attending car shows, car meets, company events, product releases, shoots with your or your friends cars, you know who you are.

Actively Create Content

We expect a minimum of 20 product-inclusive pictures or video clips per month, every month, in high resolution, DSLR quality.

Click the thumbnails below for positioning and a general sense of what we need from you.

Motivated for Growth

Occasionally we will request specific shots or angles, and/or coverage from events near you, or that you’re attending.

The better we work together, the more exposure you will receive. With our advertising reach and scheduled publications, you’re likely to get inquiries, tons of new followers, and potential media industry contacts.

We only want dedicated ambassadors, that are excited for opportunities like this, and will take advantage of it all.


The Application

Enough reading, apply now.